In support of values and diversity promotion, MCYS will be transferred to Prizren


At today's meeting, the Government of Kosovo has taken a decision on the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for the transfer of part of the political, administrative and professional staff to the city of Prizren.

Minister Kujtim Gashi, in front of the Government Cabinet has given the justification for such a proposal based on the historical and cultural value and importance that the city of Prizren has had over the centuries and continues to have for all Albanians in general and for Kosovo in particular.

"Prizren is a symbol that cultivates original values and a variety of cultures. It is a center not only of Albanian culture, but also of all the other peoples living in it, regardless of national, religious or social belonging. Civic, religious, neoclassical and oriental architecture makes Prizren today the most beautiful and most visited city in Kosovo. The old part of the city serves as a unique site where many cultural activities are held, which keep alive the cultural life of the city", said the minister.

Minister Gashi considered that the activities organized in Prizren have cultural impact nationwide and beyond. The rich cultural heritage of this city and many other features make Prizren a place of culture and history.

"It is an inalienable fact that the values that derive from cultural, historical, linguistic and religious diversity, make Prizren a point of reference and attraction for local and foreign tourists. Therefore, with the aim of advancing, supporting and providing greater institutional care to these historical, cultural and social values, we have asked the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to decide on the transfer of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to Prizren”, said minister Gashi.

MCYS has undertaken all necessary measures for this transfer, including appropriate budget planning as well as finding location and to functionalize the transfer, the Ministry in cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister and with the Municipality of Prizren and other relevant institutions shall create a commission, which will draft the plan for carrying out the transfer.