Gashi met with the heads of the Kosovo Olympic Committee


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, welcomed today the heads of the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Kosovo, led by President Besim Hasani, along with the deputy chairman of KOC, Memli Krasniqi and secretary Shasivar Haxhiaj.

Minister Gashi informed KOC heads that he is building a team with whom he will work as long as he will lead the MCYS and promised them that he and his team will have a close cooperation with KOC.

The Minister said that they will continue to carry out the work that is in process, and will also coordinate the actions with the KOC for the benefit of sport and increase the quality and participation.

Minister Gashi appreciated the work done so far by the KOC and congratulated president Hasani for the achievements. He said that the support for sport and especially for the Kosovo Olympic Committee as a dome of sports organization in the country will continue, assuring KOC leaders that sport will continue to be among the top priorities.

Minister Gashi said that they are in the drafting phase of the 2018 budget and that the sport and the KOC will be taken into account that their demands are met so that the objectives and goals in sport are achieved through joint work and engagement.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Besim Hasani, congratulated Minister Gashi for taking up the new office, wishing him best of success and realization of the foreseen program.

He briefed Minister Gashi on how the KOC works, about the activity and great commitment that this institution is preparing for, since Kosovo is in the Olympic cycle for Tokyo 2020.

Among other things, Hasani informed the minister about the sports federations in Kosovo, where 37 of them are registered, among them, 32-33 active federations and 24 of them in the Olympic program.

Also, Hasani said that the athletes will remain in focus, creating the necessary conditions and the environment for them in order to carry out their activities and this comes with a partnership between MCYS and KOC.

At the meeting it was also discussed that among the projects to be realized soon, is the establishment of the Kosovo Anti-Doping Agency, as foreseen by the Law on Sport, and that MCYS should initiate this institution.