Minister Gashi: Majlinda Kelmendi is the pride of Kosovo


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, hosted the executives of the Judo Federation of Kosovo, chaired by the president Agron Kuka, vice-president Memli Krasniqi, Kosovo National Team selector Driton Kuka and Olympic champion Majlinda Kelmendi.

KJF President, Agron Kuka, congratulated Minister Gashi for taking up the new office, wishing him fulfillment of objectives and the program foreseen. He briefed the Minister on the work the Judo Federation is doing, the achievements and preparations it is making for future competitions, with an emphasis on participation in the Olympic Games which are going to be held in Tokyo, 2020. Kuka said that they have 25 elite judo fighters of world level. He also mentioned the difficulties they face, including the issue of fulfilling the obligations by the MCYS.

President Kuka said that he appreciates the work and cooperation so far with the MCYS, adding that without the support of MCYS, they would not achieve the so far results in the sport of judo.

Meanwhile, the Olympic champion, Majlinda Kelmendi, congratulated the minister for taking office, wishing him the best of success in his mandate and the work ahead, hoping that MCYS will support her and KFJ.

On his part, Minister Gashi emphasized that it is the first day of work and that he is privileged to take the first meetings with the pride of Kosova, Majlinda Kelmendi and the leaders of the successful federation of KJF, pledging that MCYS support for Kosovar Judo fighters will not decrease, but will only grow further. He said he was aware of some remaining obligations by MCYS directed to KJF and Majlinda but assured that they will soon be fulfilled.

The Minister expressed his readiness to co-operate with judo executives in order to continue the way and tradition of achieving excellent results in this sport.

He emphasized that he is open to the demands and ideas that will arise from the Judo Federation. "There has already been some improvement in the legal infrastructure such as the regulation for categorization, which will facilitate our work as a ministry, but also federations and athletes will be supported on the basis of merits," said Minister Gashi.