Minister Kujtim Gashi takes office to lead the MCYS


Vlora Dumoshi has handed over today the task of leading the ministry to the new Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi.

Minister Dumoshi congratulated the new Minister Gashi for taking office and wished him the best of success in his new position, achievement of objectives and successful realization of projects within the period that he will lead the MCYS.

She informed Minister Gashi about the work that was carried out at the time when Minister Kujtim Shala, thereafter Dumoshi led the MCYS. He informed him about the achievements as well as the challenges faced by MCYS during this period as well as for the projects being implemented.

Dumoshi has mentioned the work that has been done in the field of culture, with the increase of support for cultural organizations in the country, the support of MCYS subordinate institutions, where each year, the budget for culture has constantly increased.

It was also discussed about the achievements and challenges in the field of sport, after its internationalization, where many projects in sports infrastructure are expected to be finalized.

The minister has recently said that he has met representatives of the youth sector and has heard their concerns. She informed Minister Gashi that MCYS is drafting a new strategy for youth, as well as about considerable investments made for youth infrastructure, creating new and modern spaces for them.

Within the inheritance, MCYS has processed the Law on Inheritance, and this legislature is expected to vote it. Conservation and restoration of facilities was done based on expert recommendations. It was emphasized that MCYS has supported the Archaeological Institute for excavation.

Meanwhile, the new Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, expressed his satisfaction for the work done so far by MCYS, emphasizing that he will be committed to work based on the government program in order to advance the performance and realization of important projects in culture, sport, cultural heritage and youth.

Gashi said that he will be committed to fully achieve MCYS objectives and promised to work on increasing cooperation with local and international partners in promoting and improving sectors covered by the MCYS.