Clarification regarding Prishtina Stadium


Based on the article published by Indeksonline regarding the works at the Prishtina Stadium: "Workers make a disastrous mistake at the Prishtina Stadium", we would like to clarify for the general public and the football fans that this finding does not stand true.

Regarding the warming of the playing field, this position has not been contracted at all neither planned to be included in the works on the renovation project of the Prishtina Stadium.

Works at the Pristina Stadium are underway according to all the recommendations we have received from UEFA for the IV category for Stadiums under the UEFA Rules. Based on it, the Pristina Stadium, with its new design, meets the required criteria that were approved on 21 September 2016 at the UEFA Headquarters in Nyon by a total of fifteen experts from various fields of construction and functional aspect of the facility and security, so the project has been approved as a whole.

Therefore, we also want to clarify for the opinion that the contracted company for the execution of the works under the permanent supervision of the ministry has the mandate and responsibility for the executive side and the quality of the works stipulated by the signed contract, as the project is being continuously supplemented by Designers under the guidance and ongoing supervision of UEFA Inspectors.

We assure the public that MCYS is committed to completing this investment according to UEFA standards and in the shortest possible time, in order to meet the standards required for Kosovo National Team and Kosovo football clubs to be able to carry out international competitions.