The Football Federation is supported with 490,000 Euros, that of Bodybuilding with 40,000


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has signed a memorandum with the Kosovo Football Federation (KFF) and the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of Kosovo (FBKF), to which the Ministry is obliged to allocate the support of 490 thousand Euros, respectively 40 thousand.

MCYS's financial support for the federations is done with the goal of realizing goals and plans for 2017, which are allocated separately on a three-month basis for projects that federations plan to carry out.

Minister Kujtim Shala said that through this support, the federations in question will have the opportunity to carry out their program and activity and serve in the function of increasing the capacities of the federations.

The Minister said that we are engaged as an institution to support the sport in the country, investing in improving conditions for athletes, standardizing legal and physical infrastructure in order to increase participation and quality.

Meanwhile, KFF president Fadil Vokrri thanked Minister Shala for the support, saying that this support from MCYS is an aid to the federation to reach the objectives for this year, which is most necessary for the most popular sport in the country.

Meanwhile, Esat Lata, president of FBKF, stressed that the financial support provided by MCYS for the federation enables the work and realization of activities and competitions in bodybuilding and fitness, creating a continuity of engagement in this sport whether that of management or the federation and also of its own athletes.