Prishtina Stadium - about 70% of the works have been completed


In the wake of the inspection of numerous investments being carried out by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports throughout Kosovo, with the aim of improving the infrastructure of sports and meeting international standards, Minister Kujtim Shala, accompanied by the President of the Football Federation Kosovo, Fadil Vokrri, has again observed the works being carried out at the Prishtina Stadium, which is the biggest investment of MCYS in the field of sports so far.

Minister Kujtim Shala expressed his great satisfaction with the quality and dynamics of the works, adding that this is an extraordinary news for Kosovo football, especially for the national team, as soon there are expected to be held qualifying matches.

Minister Shala also said that after fulfilling the criteria required by UEFA, and after the additional works that have come up as a result of these criteria for completing the fourth category, the works are already being carried out very well.

Meanwhile, the engineer of the contracting firm said that it is being worked with increased intensity, and according to him, so far have been carried out about 70% of the works.