"Verrat e Llukës", included in the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has approved the request of RCCH of Peja for the inclusion of the "Verrat e Llukës" area in the Village Lluka e Epërme in Deçan, on the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection.

Temporary protection is accepted with the reason that "Verrat e Llukës" are characterized by historical, social and spiritual values as historical sites within the category of Cultural Landscape.

There have been many historical events in this place from 1900 to 1910, the place where Albanians gathered to fight against the Ottoman invaders. Likewise, this place is known for the "Verrat e Llukës Assembly", "The Great Albanian Covenant of Verrat e Llukës", while the history of the Verrat e Llukës culminated on May 1, 1990, where over 500 thousand Albanians from all ethnic Albanian areas , Gathered there to culminate initiatives of Albanian youth, followed by intellectuals led by Anton Çetta and Zekrija Cana, for the Reconciliation of Vengeance, a movement that influenced the unity of Albanians and the subsequent movement for freedom, democracy and independence .

Minister Kujtim Shala said that with this act, Kosovo Institutions has shown increased care for Kosovo's cultural heritage, which they want to protect, promote and pass to generations as the value of the state of Kosovo.