Deputy Minister Hoti with the Albanian and regional painters in Calabria


The colony of landscape painters has continued yesterday and today, "Italy's Ionian coast in Canvas" an organization that has brought together artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Italy.

In this event is participating also the Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rexhep Hoti.

Some of Albanian painters who participated in the colony of painters in Calabria, are Veli Blakqori, Adriana Sedaj, Tafil Peci, Bardha Buza, Shyqri Celiku, Skender Idrizi, Muhamet Ahmeti, Eshref Qahili, Arsim Kajtazi, Sejdi Kapllanaj Robert Bibaj and Liridon Gashi.

Deputy Minister Hoti and painters visited the birthplace of poet Jeronim De Rada in Maki, exactly the place near the church where he is buried along with his son.

They also visited the birthplace of Zef Serembo.

While, during yesterday;s evening, were given the awards of appreciation to 10 selected works.

Deputy Minister Hoti, on behalf of MCYS scattered gratitude to the organizers of the colony.

Diploma recognition was given "Minerva Club Resort & Spa" for the excellent organization in support of cultural activity in the colony of painters, contributing in this way to the strengthening of relations between Italy, Albania and Kosovo.

Appreciation also was awarded to the Institute of Book and Promotion for the design and development of important cultural activities that strongly support the promotion of Albanian figurative art in the world.

In particular, appreciation for this institute was awarded for the organization and realization of Figurative Painters of Albanian Colony from Albania, Kosovo and other Balkan countries in southern Italy.