Deputy Hoti is participating in the colony of Albanian painters in Italy


By special invitation from the Institute of Book and Promotion of Albania, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rexhep Hoti, is participating in the colony of landscape painters, "Ionian coast of Italy on the Canvas," which is being organized in Italy.

The event is being organized in Sibari, Rossano, Corigliano, Villapiana and Arbëresh municipalities, Frascineto, Spezzano and other municipalities.

Colony is organized by the institute in question and lasts until April 17.

This event is attended by artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Italy.

The painters colonies are organized in all possible areas where Albanians live.

Deputy Minister Hoti highly praised this organization of art which brings together the most eminent figures of art from all Albanian territories.

He said that only in such important events, art and culture emerge and are documented in the best way.

The artists who are participating in this event are soon expected to arrive in Kosovo in a similar organization to be held in Prizren, Peja, Pristina and Gjilan.

Attending this important event were ten artists from Kosovo.

In the end, it will be organized an exhibition of works realized by artists present at this special event.

Among main participants in the colony of artists were, Mayor of Rosano Municipality Stefano Mascano, Bishop Satriano of Diocese Rosano-Carriati, Minister of Innovation and Albania Administration, Milena Harito, Honorary Consul of Albania in Kalabaria, Aldo Marino, Albanian MPs, Namik Dokle, Fatmir Toci, Gentian Bejko, Namik Kopliku.

During the stay in Italy, it was also held an organization on the occasion of the Catholic Easter where guests have celebrated them in Vakarici village of Arberesh, where the Skanderbeg Square is located.