Six sports federations have been allocated 913 thousand Euro


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, has today signed a memorandum of cooperation with the six federations of sport, with the aim of financial support to achieve the objectives and goals of these federations for 2017.

The total value of support to these federations amounts to 913 thousand Euros. Specifically, the Basketball Federation of Kosovo will be supported by 210 thousand Euros this year, Handball also with 210 thousand Euros, Volleyball 170 thousand Euros, Judo with 135 thousand Euros, Karate with 98 thousand and Athletics Federation with 90 thousand Euros.

MCYS, through signing these memoranda, assists federations on their easy functioning, implementing their programs and planned goals. Also, this form of support enables federations to conduct their activities, organizing annual competitions and participation in major international events.

The federation executives consider this form of support as extremely positive. Through memorandums are created conditions for better planning and concrete activities.

Minister Shala said that MCYS by supporting federations in this way, is working to help Kosovo sports, athletes who are active and achieve great results. Federations will be able to plan and will have an easier operation when they know they have the full amount available offered by the ministry, said Shala.

MCYS is developing such policies, so the support for the sport grows continuously, with investments in infrastructure and subsidies to federations, so that Kosovo’s sport takes place in coincidence with international standards.