Edi Shukriu, laureate of the cultural heritage prize "Dea Dardanicae"


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, has established the prizes for cultural heritage, and through them, aims to support the personalities that contribute to the preservation, study and promotion of cultural heritage in Kosovo.

This year's laureates, according to the jury's assessment, are: Edi Shkuriu, who is awarded Prize for Life’s work in the field of cultural heritage "Dea Dardanicae"; Annual Prize for Special Merit in the field of cultural heritage "Shtjefën Gjeçovi" is awarded to Prof. Jean-Luc Lamboley; Annual Prize for Scientific Work in the field of cultural heritage "Zef Mirdita" is awarded to Jusuf Buxhovi; Annual Prize for Institutional Management in the field of cultural heritage "Muhamed Shukriu" is awarded to Arton Hoxha.

Minister Kujtim Shala said that awarding the prizes in question, apart from appreciation and gratitude, is also an encouragement and care for professionals who deal with cultural heritage.

Based on Regulation No.09/2016 on Awarding Prizes for Cultural Heritage, prizes are accompanied by financial rewards. Prize for Life’s work "Dea Dardanicae" shall be rewarded with five thousand Euros (€ 5,000), while the other annual awards "Shtjefën Gjeçovi"; "Zef Mirdita" and "Muhamed Shukriu" shall be rewarded with 2500 Euros.

Professional jury was composed of: Ukë Xhema, ethnologist; Arben Hajdari, Archaeologist; Florina Jerliu, architect; Muhamet Mala, historian; and Lajda Kolgjeraj, the Ensemble Ethnocultural president "Katarina Josip".

The Awards ceremony will be organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in the coming days.