Hoti met in France with the world famous painter, Omer Kaleshi


Among the numerous meetings he has had in France, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rexhep Hoti, met with the world famous painter, Omer Kaleshi.

During the meeting between Deputy Kaleshi and Hoti, was discussed the close cultural cooperation between him and young artists from Kosovo for which Kaleshi expressed his full readiness.

He expressed the position that Kosovo has taken place on the scope of painting anywhere in the world.

He was ready in all forms to help his country and expressed his readiness to also assist in Kosovo's membership in international organization, UNESCO.

Deputy Minister Hoti thanked the painter Kaleshi for his readiness to assist Kosovo and its young artists and said that only such cooperation can contribute positively to the promotion of culture, specifically art.

The painter Kaleshi is known as the man of five states, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey and France.

He studied in Turkey, where there has perfected the mastery of painting. Kaleshi has been working in France for five decades.

Kaleshi expressed his admiration for Kosovo because it was the first country in the world where he had opened his gallery.

In Paris, Hoti also met with the director of the Cultural Centre for Kosovo in Paris, Ms. Frederique Duvers.

They discussed about cultural cooperation intensification where Ms. Duvers in the past had collaborations with artists, writers and poets from Kosovo.

There was also seen the possibility of coordination of activities in the future within the cooperation that has begun since 2006.