Republic of Kosovo has a 10-year strategy for its cultural heritage


The National Strategy for Cultural Heritage 2017 - 2027, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo in December last year, is the main document of vision and mission of Kosovo on protecting, preserving and promoting of all its cultural heritage.

The Republic of Kosovo has a diverse cultural heritage since Vinca era, ancient Dardania and up to those of the 21st century. Cultural heritage of Kosovo is Kosovo's heritage value, its people, expressing the past and cultural stratification of Kosovo.

The strategy will be an essential document to meet legal obligations but also a good opportunity for cultural heritage to be identified, recognized and presented to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and the world. The strategy identifies goals, objectives and concrete activities to be undertaken by the Republic of Kosovo and is the first long-term strategy for cultural heritage.

This strategy is the main compass orientation of cultural policies of cultural heritage in Kosovo in the next decade. We are hopeful that it will be an inspiration to all citizens of Kosovo and others to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Kosovo, because it concerns not only the people of Kosovo but also mankind worldwide. The strategy has also an Action Plan containing objectives, activities and indicators clearly defined.

In drafting this strategy, are consulted a great group of professionals in the field of heritage within the state and public institutions and professionals from the civil society, academia, religious institutions and international experts.

Here you can find the document of Strategy in electronic form.