"Exodus 99" gratitude to Minister Shala


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Shala, hosted the leaders of the Association "Exodus 99", headed by Ali Topalli. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Finance Avdullah Hoti and the mayor of Rahovec, Idriz Vehapi.

Shala with a delegation of "Exodus 99" talked about activities and organizations that this association carries out, commemorating the exodus that occurred in 1999.

Minister Shala was informed by the executives of the association, about numerous activities conducted in different centers of Kosovo and Albania, especially about the peak activity, which is held every year on 15 April in Xërxë.

Minister Kujtim Shala on this occasion said that this exodus shows how painful was the journey and how great sacrifice was made to come to the freedom and independence of our country.

Also, the Minister Shala and the delegation of the association "Exodus 99" talked about the need for documenting this part of history, with different activities, and also with the construction of commemorative monuments. In view of this, Shala said that MCYS will support this association to document this important part of the history of Kosovo.

On this occasion, the leaders of the association "Exodus 99", in appreciation for the close cooperation with Minister Shala, gave him a certificate of appreciation, for what Shala was really thankful.