Anton Çetta’s statue placed in front of the Institute of Albanology


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Shala, met today with a delegation of the Organizing Board for the Reconciliation of Blood Feud, led by Dom Lush Gjergji, Mulla Xhevat Kryeziu and Riza Krasniqi, with whom he discussed the procedures for placing the statue of Anton Çetta in front of the Institute of Albanology.

Minister Shala said that the figure of Anton Çetta is unique and as such represents exceptional value for Kosovo and its cultural and state identity, values which Kosovo cherishes.

Minister Shala further added that this statue is a sign of appreciation for his great contribution to humanity and Albanian culture.

Between Minister Shala and the representatives of the Council was discussed about the procedures established by MCYS for placing the statue and it was agreed that the statue be placed as soon as possible.

MCYS budget projection this year has provided 50 thousand Euros for the project.