MCYS supports two capital projects in the amount of 470 thousand Euros in Shtime


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, has signed today two memorandums of cooperation for capital investments in the Municipality of Shtime. These two projects reach the value of about half a million euro.

The memorandums signed aim financial support for the realization of the projects "Construction of the Youth Centre in Shtime" in the amount of 250 thousand Euros and "Construction of Sports Hall in Shtime" in the amount of 220 thousand Euros, investments projected to be realized this year.

Minister Kujtim Shala, said the Ministry through the financial support of various capital projects, is implementing planned policies of the Government, namely the MCYS, in creating and improving conditions for young people and athletes. These two projects will serve the citizens of Shtime in order to increase the quality and the conditions for carrying out youth and sports activities.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Shtime, Naim Ismajli expressed his gratitude to Minister Shala and MCYS for the support given to the municipality that he leads, noting that these two projects are extremely useful for residents of the municipality of Sthtime, especially for young people and athletes, because they will have the adequate space to perform activities and achieve their goals.