MCYS invests 1 million and 500 thousand Euros for the Sports Hall in Viti


In the wake of capital investments in Kosovo, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, has signed today a memorandum of cooperation, aimed at "Building the Sports Hall in Viti", a project in which MCYS will invest 1 million and 500 thousand Euros.

Minister Kujtim Shala and the Mayor of Viti, Sokol Haliti, highly praised the joint projects between the ministry and the municipality, which are useful and in the interests of all citizens of this municipality.

On this occasion, Minister Shala said that MCYS is committed to working closely with the municipalities in Kosovo, and to assist them in improving the infrastructure in areas covered by MCYS.

Further, Shala added that the modern sports hall, will create good conditions and in coincidence with international standards, for further development and promotion of the sport in this place.

Mayor of Viti, Sokol Haliti, thanked Minister Shala for the cooperation so far, in many important projects for the municipality of Vitia, and said that this cooperation is in the interest of all citizens of this municipality.

The Mayor Haliti further said that this project is of particular importance, since the municipality of Vitia has been in need of a sports hall, and added that this capital investment has had a significant influence on the sport infrastructure improvement in this place, and also creates favorable conditions for the sports development.